Bus 310 quiz 4 | Accounting homework help


Question 1 

A small management-consulting firm experiences a tremendous boost in business in one year and must hire many new professional employees to provide services to its new customers. This business is likely following a ____ strategy.









Question 2 

Which of the following would be included in a job description for a computer programmer?


Bachelor’s degree in computer science


Knowledge of COBOL


Writing programs to run network   processes on the mainframe


Proficiency in computer languages


Keyboarding skills

Question 3 

What is involved in the task analysis inventory method?


A taxonomy of fifty-two abilities   rated on a seven-point scale


SMEs generating a list of tasks, and   job incumbents evaluating each task on several dimensions


Analyzing the job in terms of   involvement with people, data, and things


Completing a 194-item instrument   reflecting work behavior, working conditions, and job characteristics


Generating examples of effective and   ineffective performance

Question 4 

Anuj looks at a job analysis that reports scores on various items, organized into areas called “Information inputs,” “Mental processes,” “Relationships with other people,” and so on. The scales tell how frequently those areas are used in the job, how important they are to the job, and other measures. Anuj is looking at a job analysis that was based on


a narrative.


critical incidents.


a position analysis questionnaire.


the Fleishman job analysis system.


the O*NET.

Question 5 

The ____ approach to job analysis requires the specification of effective and ineffective performance.


skill variety








critical incidents

Question 6 

When Hank needed to write a job analysis for a court reporter, he used the O*NET online database. One section of the information stated, “Court reporters ask speakers to clarify statements, file a legible transcript of records, verify accurate transcripts, and record depositions.” This information is part of the job’s






working conditions.


critical incidents.



Question 7 

Which of the following is an accurate statement?


Job descriptions focus on succession   planning


Job specifications indicate the   knowledge and skills needed to perform work


Job descriptions focus on the   individual


Job specifications focus on the work

Question 8 

When an organization attempts to forecast the supply of and demand for human resources, this is called




job enrichment.




human resource planning.



Question 9 

Which of the following would be included in a job specification for an administrative assistant?


Keeping minutes of meetings


Answering phones


Typing correspondence


Maintaining the boss’s calendar


Ability to take dictation in   shorthand

Question 10 

The third step in job analysis involves


determining who is responsible for   collecting data.


getting feedback from customers.


tracking productivity.


identifying the work to be assessed.


defining the work itself.

Question 11 

A ____ can often facilitate the forecasting of the supply of human resources.


human resource information system


focus group


quality circle


think tank


quality team

Question 12 

A ____ provides an overview of the duties and tasks required to effectively perform a particular job or line of work.


job specification


job description




personnel file


work permit

Question 13 

Organization try to develop job ____ when planning for human resources, which are groups of jobs that are similar.











Question 14 

Which of the following would be a competency, as described in the text?




Keyboarding speed


IQ of 100


Clean driving record


Degree in computer science

Question 15 

When being interviewed during the gathering of job analysis data, which type of individual may provide exaggerated information about a job’s complexity or importance?


The job incumbent


The immediate supervisor


A higher-level supervisor


An industrial engineer


A human resource manager

Question 16 

Tom, one of Pino’s employees, is failing to perform to standard. Pino wants to use progressive discipline to change Tom’s behavior. What should Pino do the next time he observes Tom’s failure to perform?


Put a written record of the incident   in Tom’s personnel file.


Tell Tom’s superior.


Ask the human resources department   for help.


Give Tom a verbal warning.


Write a negative performance   appraisal of Tom.

Question 17 

Voluntary turnover occurs when


employees choose to leave the   organization for a variety of reasons.


a facility is closed and all of its   workers are put out of work.


an unsatisfactory employee must be   terminated.


job satisfaction is very high.


managers choose to leave job   vacancies unfilled.

Question 18 

A shock, or profound event, can sometimes cause turnover if the


shock is negative.


labor market is currently favoring   employers.


shock increases job satisfaction.


worker is very embedded in his or her   job.


shock causes the worker to reexamine   his or her fit with the firm.

Question 19 

John often gets into heated arguments with his bosses over his job responsibilities. He is likely to be dissatisfied with his job due to


the pay.


the work itself.


relationships with supervisors.


relationships with coworkers.


a negative personality.

Question 20 

Following a bankruptcy in 2003, Air Canada laid off thousands of employees, approximately 10 percent of its workforce. Which of the following is NOT one of the likely outcomes for Air Canada?


Workers who were not laid off will   feel guilty.


Turnover will increase among workers   who were not laid off.


Employee morale will decline.


Remaining workers will have higher   disability claims.


Workers who were not laid off will be   satisfied and happy.

Question 21 

Which of the following is NOT a critical dimension of procedural justice?




free from bias




work autonomy



Question 22 

Andy tries to be fair to his employees but does not tolerate lateness. Will, one of his employees, reported to work late one day because he had a car wreck, the first tardy since he was hired over a year ago. Andy decided to give Will a written warning to make an example for the other employees. Will felt that he did NOT receive ____ justice.











Question 23 

Allison often stays at work after hours to help fellow coworkers with their training and tasks; this is known as


organizational citizenship behavior.


job satisfaction.






job dissatisfaction.

Question 24 

Ethics is formed primarily from the ____ context in which people and organizations function.









Question 25 

When an organization seeks to keep qualified workers, this is called


natural attrition.


voluntary turnover.







Question 26 

Julie fired Annette. Which of the following circumstances would MOST improve the chances of Annette getting her job back?


Julie did not document Annette’s poor   performance in writing.


Julie is white and Annette is   Asian-American.


Julie used a positive discipline plan   rather than a more traditional plan.


Annette is a member of a labor union.


The company was hiring new workers at   the same time as the firing.

Question 27 

What is the term for the ability of an employer or employee to terminate an employment relationship at any time?


Free employment


Work rights




Contingent work


Psychological contract

Question 28 

Cinergy, a midwestern gas and electric utility, agreed not to penalize workers who left the company before the age of 65 and also offered leaving employees a bonus equivalent to two weeks’ pay for every year of employment with Cinergy. Cinergy is


generating a pool of qualified   applicants.


encouraging voluntary early   retirement.


terminating unproductive employees.


reducing the workforce through   natural attrition.


cutting its human resource   department.

Question 29 

Which type of justice refers to beliefs about the fairness of the processes utilized to determine consequences?











Question 30 

Which of the following disciplinary problems is MOST likely to lead to immediate termination?


Errors in work products


Physically fighting another coworker


Frequent absenteeism


Telling an unprofessional joke


Lying to one’s superior

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